Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Radical Homemaking

I have been talking to some of you about the fact that there are things we can do to change how badly screwed up the world has become.  Most people feel that huge individual sacrifices would be necessary to fix the world's problems.  And these sacrifices are much too difficult and painful to undertake.  But what people are finding out is that the changes we can make, also make us happier.  They aren't sacrifices at all.  Each tiny step we make to take personal control of our own human well being, works to the benefit of our families, friends, communities, the country and the planet as a whole.

In other words, what we have come to believe is the only way for individuals, communities, governments and economic systems to function, may not only be wrong but recently manufactured belief systems as well.  We have forgotten what my great-grandparents knew in their bones.  Human beings have forgotten deep, important truths that we didn't ever consciously realize we knew.

This magazine takes a positive approach to the worlds problems.  For those who want to face heavier reading, try the several books written by the economist David C. Korten.  He is at the forefront of a movement trying to imagine what a healthy, life enhancing, sustainable economic system would look like.  Check these ideas out on http://www.community-wealth.org/  The ideas are simple and obvious but very hard to imagine because we have forgotten so much.

These are extremely radical ideas!  But threatening only to those who have a need to amass money and power.     yesmagazine.org

Gunboat Granny