Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Quote for the Day

Here is a quote from an activist that spoke as one of the opening speakers at the beginning of October2011 in DC.  She was inspiring.

“So when people ask you your one demand say “Democracy.” And when they ask you why you’re here, say, “To be here”. And they’re not going to get that because they never get that. They think that democracy is a monument or an institution or a dead document, but it ain’t. Democracy is what people do. And so we’re here to do democracy, right? And we’re not going to leave until we’ve got it. And we’re going to leave and keep on doing it. Because this isn’t just an occupation, this is a decolonization. We’re here to take back everything they’ve taken from us. We’re here to get them out of our minds, out of our public spaces. We’re here to get our voice back, we’re here to get our homes back, we’re here to get our dignity back, and we’re not going to leave. I want that to happen. I want to one day be able to . . . say I like myself because I like my world. So let’s get started everyone.” Ashley Sanders

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